Lee Martin

Lee Martin is a New Zealand-based singer/songwriter who has been impacting the music scene with her thought-provoking lyrics and storytelling writing style. She is South African born and has a brand new album, 'Gypsy Soul" due for release in Feb 2022. "Gypsy Soul" is Motown-inspired and features African Gospel singers on backing vocals. Lee started her training in classical guitar at the age of 9, and a childhood spent listening to greats such as Van Morrison, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Leonard Cohen, etc. greatly influences her music. She is an old soul with a versatile writing style that allows her to cross genres as she glides easily between adult contemporary, country, soul, and folk, all the while maintaining her unique sound. The Lee Martin Band will be joining her to celebrate Marchfest and the Release of her new album "Gypsy Soul".