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Marchfest money is in the form of tokens. This is what you will buy beer, drinks and food with. Tokens can be purchased with cash, Eftpos or Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard), Paywave will be available. Tokens are available at the TSB TOKEN STATION.

1 Token = $2

BEER + CIDER | Full Glass 425ml
5 Tokens
BEER + CIDER | Small Glass 200ml
3 Tokens
BEER TASTERS | 5 Tasters (paddle)
6 Tokens
WINE | Standard Glass 150ml
5 Tokens

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Unused 2023 tokens can be exchanged for cash up until 10pm on the day at the TSB TOKEN STATION. Tokens may also be used at The Free House Pub for drinks until March 12th 2023. No token refunds will be given at The Free House Pub.

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