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Marchfest money is in the form of tokens. This is what you will buy beer, drinks and food with. Tokens can be purchased with cash, Eftpos or Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard), Paywave will be available. (surcharge applies for Paywave & Credit card payments)


Tokens are available at the TOKEN STATION as you come into festival. OR get a jump on the queue and pre-purchase your tokens when you grab your festival ticket. 

If you have PRE-PURCAHSED Tokens, these need to be collected before you come into the festival, the PRE-PURCHASE token booth is open from 10am Saturday morning at the entrance to Founders Park. 

1 Token = $2

Scroll to the left if using mobile

BEER + CIDER | Full Glass 425ml
5 Tokens
BEER + CIDER | Small Glass 200ml
3 Tokens
BEER TASTERS | 5 Tasters (paddle)
6 Tokens
WINE | Standard Glass 150ml
5 Tokens


Unused 2024 tokens can be exchanged for cash at any time during the festival and up until 9pm from the TOKEN STATION. 

No token refunds will be offered after 9pm on Saturday April 6th.

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