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Small Glass 200ml $6 | 3 tokens
Full Glass 425ml $10 | 5 tokens

Apple Cider


REFRESHING, SPRITZY, LIVELY - Wild-fermented, zesty and fresh, this cider is buzzing with delicious apple flavour.

Heritage apples: a blend of Harry Masters' Jersey, Brown's, Sweet Alford

Boysenberry Cider


VIBRANT BERRY, MOUTHWATERING, MOREISH - Wild fermented, this heritage apple cider is infused with delicious local boysenberries.  Off dry in style, this vibrant cider is bursting with boysenberry fruit flavour.

Heritage apples: a blend of Stoke Red, Yarlington Mill, Harry Masters' Jersey, Major

Fresh Hopped Peckham's X Duncan's Brewing Company


HOPPY, FRESH, TROPICAL - This exciting collaboration with Duncan's Brewing Company is a celebration of our two harvests coming together.

Beautifully fragrant, fresh hops harvested from Egger's Hop Farm, a stone's throw from our orchard have been infused into one of our dry traditional apple ciders to give lush hop flavour with tropical notes. Limited edition.

Heritage apples: Brown's, Kingston Black, Tom Putt

Hazy Apple Cider


JUICY, VOLUPTUOUS, TEXTURAL - Wild fermented and unfiltered to create a naturally cloudy, deliciously juicy cider.  Off-dry, full-bodied with a soft texture of juicy apple and stonefruit flavour.  Yum!

Heritage apples: Tom Putt

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