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Small Glass 200ml $6 | 3 tokens
Full Glass 425ml $10 | 5 tokens

Cider Kir


A Marchfest favourite, our blackcurrant cider is made with tree ripened cider apples that give richness to this fruity cider oozing with berry deliciousness.

Farmhouse Cider


A single variety cider made from Yarlington Mill, a 19th century English cider apple. Aged in French oak, this cider is full of ripe fruit and mellow sweetness.



A blend of cider apples from our orchard infused with hand-peeled zest of organic oranges. This cider bursts with orange blossom, sherbet and marmalade.

Reserve Dry Cider


Boldly bone dry, this single variety cider (Yarlington Mill) is rich and earthy with a buttery texture and natural tannins balanced by a long, oaky finish.

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