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Pricing : Standard Glass 150ml $10 | 5 tokens

St Pauli Chardonnay (Oak Barrel)


Aged in French oak barrels, our Chardonnay shows prominent toasted oak and cedar notes. Gorgeous fruit tones and lighter florals offer a juicy acidity with a long creamy finish.

St Pauli Pinot Gris


Clean medium nose of fresh apricots and quince, followed by Nashi pear. Delicate floral notes with a hint of jasmine. The wine is off dry with balanced medium acidity. It is smooth and refreshing with a well-rounded mouthfeel, a light body and a long finish.

St Pauli Pinot Noir


Our Pinot Noir is impressively fruited offering a wonderfully long and silky finish. A complex bouquet of spiced cherry, dark plum and toasted nuts deliver great fruit power with savoury nuances.

St Pauli Sauvignon Blanc


Clean, fresh aromas with a medium nose of gooseberries and freshly cut green grass. Refreshing high acidity with a light body and a pleasant long finish. This wine is a classic Nelson Sauvignon Blanc through and through – exciting and refreshing!

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