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Pricing : Standard Glass 150ml $10 | 5 tokens

St Pauli 2018 Pinot Rose


Aromas of cranberries, raspberries and red cherries on the nose and the palate. The wine is well balanced with refreshing acidity and a good balance of red fruits. Wet tea leaves on the finish, good length and a pleasant finish. It is deliberately dry and delicious.

St Pauli 2020 Chardonnay


Aged in French oak barrels, our Chardonnay shows prominent toasted oak and cedar notes. Gorgeous fruit tones and lighter florals offer a juicy acidity with a long creamy finish.

St Pauli 2020 Pinot Gris


Elegantly fragrant, our Pinot Gris displays aromas of poached pear, fig and stone fruit. Beautifully rounded with a hint of spicy complexity it offers a delicious fullness with a silky long finish.

St Pauli 2020 Pinot Noir


Our Pinot Noir is impressively fruited offering a wonderfully long and silky finish. A complex bouquet of spiced cherry, dark plum and toasted nuts deliver great fruit power with savoury nuances

St Pauli 2020 Sauvignon Blanc


Our Sauvignon Blanc is instantly appealing with vibrant notes of green rockmelon, kiwifruit, lemon peel and crisp apple. This well-balanced wine offers excellent fruit power with a soft finish.

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