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Are you a beer geek? Then you are going to love our annual Brew Zone.

You'll have the opportunity to learn about the ingredients and process involved in making beer. We'll also have a range of home-brewers showing off their homebrew systems, perfect inspiration if you are thinking about getting set up to make your own beer at home.

PLUS there are 'Brew Talks' with a range of craft brewers taking turns on the microphone to talk about Wild, Sour and Farmhouse brewing. All of this is FREE as part of your entry ticket.

Each talk will be around 20 minutes long, with 5-10 minute Q&A after each.


M.C Mike Cheer - MALTKULT, Christchurch. Introduce the talks

"Raw Ales - Norwegian Farmhouse Brewing."



Russell Erskine - 8 Wired, Warkworth.

"Wood and Wort Work in Warkworth." 



Lauren Yap - Brood Fermentation, Nelson. 

"Seasonal Brewing." 



Jason Bathgate - McLeods Waipu. 

"Blending and Barrel Care."



Sponsors Talks: Gladfield, Lallemand and Freestyle. 10 minutes talk each to close the session.

Thanks to our sponsors

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Gladfield Malt
Brew Zone Sponsor

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Lallemand Brewing
Brew Zone Sponsor

Konvoy Kegs
Brew Zone Sponsor

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Freestyle Hops
Brew Zone Sponsor

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