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TIME: 1 PM + 3:30 PM

DJ Tunesifter brings over 25 years of record collecting to his unique blend of funk, soul, disco, hip-hop and Latin-filled DJ sets. Starting on the Recorder and Piano at age 7, followed by Trumpet at age 11, DJ Tunesifter comes from a strong music heritage. He purchased his first record (Miles Davis Relaxin’) at age 13 in Wellington, a 7 hr bus ride from his home in New Plymouth. This led to an ever-increasing collection of records. Home-made compilation tapes of songs on the radio were taken to the next level when at age 16 his older brother moved to Auckland. What followed was a weekly package in the post of radio shows being recorded and sent down to New Plymouth where DJ Tunesifter would create his own compilations of his favourite tunes. Shows recorded included “Tru School Hip-hop Show”, “Zambesi Jazz Show”, and “Nice n Urlich” which all formed a mine of songs which in pre-shazam days, would take the next decade for DJ Tunesifter to track down what some of those tunes actually were. He moved to Wellington to study tertiary music in the late 1990s and was exposed to the vibrant DJ and band scene, along with the record stores including Colin Morris Records, Chelsea, Real Groovy and Slow Boat Records. He began DJing on borrowed gear which meant driving to two locations to obtain one turntable, and then across town to obtain a 2nd turntable and a basic mixer without EQ, just a crossfader, volume and headphone cue. DJ Tunesifter would set up the borrowed gear at home for 2 hrs before the gig to test the mixes that he had visualised in his head. He knew his records inside out, so it was quickly practicing the technical skills needed to mix two records together. In 2001 he purchased a 3rd-hand set of Technics 1200 turntables and a 3-channel Vestax mixer, which had previously been used on a regular house (La Bella), and Drum and Bass (Valve bar). DJ Tunesifter still owns and uses those turntables! He gigged extensively around the Wellington region and across New Zealand, with his reputation for playing from multiple genres with a lean towards funk and music that keeps people dancing. A few years living in Latin America further widened his record crate and most of his sets have a short diversion into tunes with a Latin flavour.

Listen to DJ Tunesifter on Mixcloud

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