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TIME: 5:15 PM

Performer Line up for the Queen /Superstar Show  Paul Madsen Lead Vocals ,  Paul Jeffries (Keyboard ,Backing Vocals) Andrew Shellock (Lead guitar  ) Andrew Hausman (bass guitar) Chris Phillips (Drums ,Backing vocals)

This latest Queen+Superstar Show has taken Paul and the crew 18 months to put together

A lot of attention and detail has gone into this show with hours and hours of practice to ensure an authentic Queen +Classic Hits experience

The band has focused on sounding like the real thing , a tall order to replicate these silver bullet hits from the classic acts of yesteryear

The audience can also expect a bit light comedy and plenty of crowd interaction  ,

Sample of Songs featured in the Show Bohemian Rhapsody , Radio Ga Ga , Listen to the Music , Another one bites the dust , We are the Champions ,Hits from CCR, Doobie Brothers

Completely Live Band and Ready to Rock the fans young and not so young,

Completely Live and Authenic

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