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We are super stoked to bring back to you our Tasting Bar. This means that all you festival-goers can sample a paddle of 5 taster-sized brews!


A marquee on the village green has been dedicated to the tasting of this year’s 15 brand new beers. 

Come sit at a table, sample a few beers before going on to the main bars to enjoy your favourites.




  1. Grab your paddle at the front door

  2. Sit, discuss tasting notes on your table

  3. Write the numbers of your 5 chosen beers on your paddle (chalk is provided)

  4. Take your paddle up to the bar to get your chosen drinks poured. 

  5. Sit down and enjoy

  6. If you want to taste more beers - repeat steps 2 – 5, if not... PLEASE return your paddle at the exit on your way out

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